PressReader for Imtech users

Imtech Marine today announced that it will start offering a subscription-based service called PressReader next month, which allows ships to download selected newspapers and magazines daily via satellite and offers crew members a local Wi-Fi connection to read them on their personal devices.

PressReader will give access to the full content of more than 2,500 newspapers and magazines in 60 languages from more than 100 countries. Each ship can select the titles it wants to download, based for instance on its location or demographics. Once a title is downloaded it can be viewed on a crew member’s PC, laptop or mobile device at any time during the trip.

PressReader offers titles likes The Guardian, The Moscow Times, The Washington Post, China Daily and The Philippine Star.

“By adding PressReader to our connectivity portfolio we give a very useful tool for ship-owners to improve the crew morale,” said Rob Verkuil, business development manager of Imtech Marine.

“With this solution, crew members have access to news and events they’re most interested in, their favourite magazines or local news from their home country.”

“The wealth of titles makes it easy for ships to customise a library of publications that caters to the diversity of their crew,” added Igor Smirnoff, chief commercial officer at PressReader.

“Our PressReader Offline solution is a new industry standard and it has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the marine customers. We are proud to be able to bring them a little bit of home away from home.”

Imtech Marine says that it will demonstrate PressReader at its booth at SMM in Hamburg this September.

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