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Vice Adm. William Hilarides Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command

Vice Adm.

William Hilarides,

Commander, Naval Sea

Systems Command

By Edward Lundquist Vice Adm. William Hilarides,  the commander of the Naval Sea Systems Command

(NAVSEA), recently spoke to a small group of reporters about his vision for NAVSEA and the challengesand opportunities he faces. A decline in the number of skilled Sailors able to conduct repairs onboard their ships; an aging civilian workforce; balancing capability with affordability and achieving commonality are priority issues for Hilarides and his staff.

To reduce the total lifecycle cost of its ships, the Navy eliminated some sea duty positions for Sailors on ships in the late 1990s. Hilarides says the Navy’s reduction of personnel on ships, their associated training, as well as eliminating subsequent shore assignments where they provided technical support may have saved some money, but had a negative effect in the long run. “We went through a period where downsized the size of the crews. I would say we probably went a little too far. We took them out of the equation to a great measure, and we have to put them back in. So we’re putting back into the engineering departments on most of our ships enough people so that the Sailors can learn how to maintain their own ship. That actually makes it more resilient from a war fi ghting perspective. Lee el resto de esta entrada