UKHO says majority of global tanker fleet yet to adopt ECDIS

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) claims that 58 per cent of all tankers obliged to implement an ECDIS system by July 2015 have yet to do so.

Over 8,500 tankers will fall under the new regulations next year, but according to the UKHO, just 3,600 have adopted the technology ten months before the deadline.

The UKHO data also shows divergence in ECDIS adoption between different tanker sizes and types. Just 23 per cent of the global product tanker fleet is already using an ENC service, compared to 44 per cent of crude tankers and 63 per cent of LNG tankers.

The amendments to the SOLAS Convention requiring the mandatory carriage of ECDIS were adopted in 2009, with deadlines for different vessels phased over a number of years.

Captain Paul Hailwood, who delivers seminars on ECDIS for the UKHO, said: “The transition to ECDIS is a very complex and significant undertaking, whether it is for a single ship or an entire fleet. This data on the current state of ENC use across the global tanker fleet reveals that there is still a long way to go in a short period of time if the fleet is to be fully ready to comply with the SOLAS regulations, even allowing for exemptions and the grace period until a ship’s first survey date.”

“Any tanker owner or operator beginning or yet to begin preparations for the adoption of ECDIS should have a plan in place by now in order to make the transition in a safe, compliant and efficient manner and to avoid the risk of failing to comply with the regulations. It is a misconception to think ‘because I can navigate with paper, I can navigate with ECDIS’.”

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