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URUGUAY – Risk: Fines and delays for non-compliance with Uruguayan Oil Spill Response Organisation (OSRO) contract requirements


In September 2014 the Uruguayan Coast Guard issued DISMAR notices 149 and 150 concerning the mandatory requirement for vessels to appoint an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) and obtain a certification from an approved/registered company.
On 4 May 2015, Disposición Marítima N° 157 (the “Regulation”) took effect in Uruguay with the aim of establishing a set of rules governing the requirement for owners to contract with an Oil Spill Response Company (OSRO) approved by the Uruguayan Coast Guard, amongst other requirements. Lee el resto de esta entrada

BRAZIL – Risk: Drug Trafficking in Brazil and throughout South America


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) annual report for 2013 indicates that South America is an important hub for maritime drug trafficking and indicates that Brazil is fast emerging as an important transit country. Lee el resto de esta entrada

ARGENTINA – Risk: Customs fines in Argentina relating to the misdeclaration of ship’s stores


Heavy fines have been imposed on vessels relating to the misdeclaration of items such as lube oils, bunkers, chemicals, spare parts, grabs and other items in the stores list.  In some cases, items such as lube oils or chemicals have been duplicated in the stores list, such that when quantities are checked by customs, fines are imposed for the for the appeared declaration shortages. These shortags do not exist in reality, but are difficult to prove in retrospect. Lee el resto de esta entrada

ARGENTINA – Risk: Delays on the Parana River Argentina


The Argentine Customs House and the Argentine Coast Guard are preventing vessels from sailing up river if they are not in possession of a valid authorization form. Such an authorization form is not issued unless cargo is already available at loading terminals. This policy has been adopted to improve the navigational safety on the river and limit the potential for vessels grounding.
Heavy seasonal rains and subsequent high levels of humidity over the corn producing areas in Argentina have further delayed harvesting, which in turn has produced a lack of cargo at terminals along the Parana River and is adding to delays. Lee el resto de esta entrada