ARGENTINA – Risk: Delays on the Parana River Argentina


The Argentine Customs House and the Argentine Coast Guard are preventing vessels from sailing up river if they are not in possession of a valid authorization form. Such an authorization form is not issued unless cargo is already available at loading terminals. This policy has been adopted to improve the navigational safety on the river and limit the potential for vessels grounding.
Heavy seasonal rains and subsequent high levels of humidity over the corn producing areas in Argentina have further delayed harvesting, which in turn has produced a lack of cargo at terminals along the Parana River and is adding to delays.

Analysis and Assessment

Owners/managers should contact their local port Agent or P&I Correspondent and ensure the following documentation is submitted one week before berthing:

Upon inward clearance, the Master should submit the following documents to:

The coastguard:
4 x crew list with passport numbers
2 x ship particulars
2 x list of port of calls
Last psc report
Ballast water report

3 x crew list with passport numbers
Shore pass with color photos
Passanger list as appplicable

Port agency:
Vaccination list
Maritime health declaration

Customs officials (each page signed and stamped by the master):
2 x inventory of stores and ship’s property to include:
* Electronics: (refrigerators, TVs, hi-fi systems, dvd players, dvd’s, copy machines, printers, computers, etc.)
* Bunkers, lubricants (bulk + drumps/cans), chemicals, paints, thinners, sopep, sludge grease
* Engine spares parts
* Deck inventory including lashing materials, grabs, etc.
* Cigarettes and alcoholic drinks

  • Medicines, narcotics, safety equipment (fire extinguishers / firefighting equipment), pyrotechnics list, etc.
  • Crew’s personal effects
  • Electronics, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks

The load/discharge terminal will sign an authorization form with an estimated date for berthing. This form is then presented to the Argentinean Coast Guard Central Office and is officially stamped. River pilots will then be appointed and the vessel will be permitted to sail up-river.

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