URUGUAY – Risk: Fines and delays for non-compliance with Uruguayan Oil Spill Response Organisation (OSRO) contract requirements


In September 2014 the Uruguayan Coast Guard issued DISMAR notices 149 and 150 concerning the mandatory requirement for vessels to appoint an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) and obtain a certification from an approved/registered company.
On 4 May 2015, Disposición Marítima N° 157 (the “Regulation”) took effect in Uruguay with the aim of establishing a set of rules governing the requirement for owners to contract with an Oil Spill Response Company (OSRO) approved by the Uruguayan Coast Guard, amongst other requirements.
The OSRO requirement is for any of the following vessels to sign with either OSRO at least 24 hours before entering a Uruguayan port or an anchorage in Uruguayan waters:
Vessels required to have an OSRO Certificate

The Regulation applies to the following types of vessels and floating structures:

a) Tankers, barges, small craft, fishing vessels or other marine equipment operating, transferring or transporting hydrocarbons or derivatives, hazardous or noxious substances or liquid minerals, or engaged in refloating operations for vessels or marine equipment.

b) Any of the above vessels requesting authorisation to anchor in waters under Uruguayan jurisdiction for a period greater than 24 hours whilst waiting for orders or to enter Uruguayan ports, terminals, berths, etc.

c) Vessels considered deficient by the Maritime Authority in accordance with Law 17.121 relating to assistance and salvage services provided to vessels posing a danger to navigation or the environment.

d) Vessels supplying offshore platforms, fixed or mobile installations for exploration and exploitation of living and non-living resources in the Territorial Sea, Contiguous Zone, Exclusive Economic Zone or Continental Shelf.

Analysis and Assessment

The International Group has issued a circular to all Members and this can be accessed here.
For further information, members should contact their appointed port agents and/or P&I correspondent.

Date added: 20/05/2015 Last updated: 26/05/2015

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