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Domestic shipping is expensive: Some solutions found – Philippine

Generally defined as coastal trade or transport, cabotage, in the legal sense, refers to the right of a country to engage exclusively in the transport of cargoes and passengers between and amongst points within its territorial waters.

The Philippine cabotage principle is enshrined in Republic Act 1937 or the Tariff and Customs Code and R.A. 9295 or the Domestic Shipping Development Act of 2004.

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From scarcity to plenty: The geopolitics of a world awash in oil

Adecade ago, there were fears that the US would be increasingly dependent on an unstable Middle East and a hostile Venezuela for oil imports. There were worries that US natural gas prices would be determined by the price of imported Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Today, there is growing attention to the prospects of the United States as a LNG exporter influencing prices in Asia and Europe. The shift occurred because of the unexpected emergence of unconventional oil and gas production in North America, especially as Saudi Arabia did not reduce its oil production to stabilize prices at relatively high levels.

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