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HTS and the evolution of maritime satcoms

Digital Ship recently organised a round table discussion session in Monaco, bringing together a panel of four vessel
operators, three communications technology suppliers and one market forecaster to discuss the future development of
satellite communications in the shipping industry. Amongst a wide range of subjects the debate covered the potential of
high throughput satellites, VSAT as ‘a new standard’, and what a shipping company really looks for when choosing a system Lee el resto de esta entrada

Crew Management in Cloud Age

In light of the changing face of economy, sustainable growth in the
shipping industry requires quality and cost effective ship management. One of
the major components of attaining optimised levels of quality and cost
effectiveness is to ensure efficient crew management is properly orchestrated at
global scale. Lee el resto de esta entrada

Predictions and trends in maritime VSAT – 2015

Following the recent publication of the 4th edition of the Comsys Maritime VSAT Report, Digital Ship spoke to the authors about some of the satcom trends revealed, and why the market has grown in the last decade Lee el resto de esta entrada

KVH unveils new satellite TV antenna

KVH has announced the introduction of the TracVision TV8, a new antenna system designed to deliver satellite television to vessels worldwide. According to KVH, the TracVision TV8 is compatible with nearly all Ku-band services around the globe, and also supports services such as DIRECTV, DISH Network and Bell TV in North America, as well as TrueVisions, Astro, and Sky TV 81 cm Inmarsat Antenain the Asia-Pacific region. The 81cm (32 inch) diameter system is fully stabilised and comes with an IPenabled TV-Hub, along with a single coaxial cable for power, data and video, allowing for straightforward installation. “The TracVision TV8 has the top engineering characteristics our antenna systems are known for around the world,” says Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO at KVH. “With its advanced tracking and extended coverage area, it is an ideal system for a superyacht in the Mediterranean, a tanker ship in the Baltic, or any number of ships on the world’s oceans. These rugged systems are fully stabilised and stay locked on the satellite even in heavy seas.” In addition to the release of this TV system KVH has also expanded its satellite communications mini-VSAT network, with increased capacity added in the AsiaPacific region and North America to support commercial maritime activities. In North America, the expansion has seen new beams added for the Pacific Northwest, as well as for eastern Canada and the US coast, with the latter more than doubling network capacity. In AsiaPacific, KVH says the capacity of a key beam was increased by 60 per cent. “The commercial maritime industry is increasingly reliant on broadband services to improve operational efficiency,” says Mr Kits van Heyningen. “Data and connectivity enable ship owners to accomplish many goals, from reduced fuel consumption through voyage planning to increased safety through updated training programmes delivered to crew while they are onboard.” “We are continually monitoring and improving the mini-VSAT Broadband network to ensure our maritime customers have the critical connectivity they need at all times onboard their vessels.”

ECDIS Implementation Requirements

Since 2002 it has been an option for vessels to be fitted with an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) along with a backup arrangement as a means of fulfilling the requirement under SOLAS regulation V/19-2.1.4 for the vessel to carry nautical charts for the intended voyage.

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