CEACT™ Inland ECDIS For Tow Boats

Professional Inland ECDIS Software

Tug and Barges Underway - USA

CEACT™ Classic is designed to enhance navigational awareness and steering efficiency in areas of restricted manoeuvrability such as inland waterways and channels.
CEACT™ Classic is the leading navigation software for inland tow boats in North and South America.
Note: CEACT™ Light is available for support boats.

CEACT™ Classic Saves You Money

  • CEACT™ Classic’s Real Time Vessel Course Trajectory” improves Pilot steering efficiency, increases Ton Miles, enhances navigational awareness and improves collision avoidance.  The improvement in steering efficiency alone will typically recover the system cost within one to three months.

CEACT™ Classic Offers Many Other Advantages Over Other Navigation Systems

  • CEACT™ uses S57 vector charts that are scalable and layer selectable without distortion.  Charts are easily and quickly updated electronically and Pilots can create and maintain personal chart notes that can be transferred easily between vessels.
  • Pilots can choose to view charts, information displays and menus in Statute Miles, Nautical Miles or Kilometers with either Portrait or Landscape Display.  “Portrait Mode provides an exceptional long range view of the channel that is perfect for river or coastal navigation.
  • Multiple navigation devices (charts, radar, depth sounders, GPS and rate of rotation sensors) can be consolidated into a single display and an automatic chart feed in Heads Up Mode” helps the Pilot to accurately compare chart and radar displays.
  • Optional “Ship’s Data Recorder”, with disc storage “Feed & Release”, records all sensor data including AIS target data to the hard disc, and clears data after a specified number of days.  Data can be replayed using the dynamic 5 x high speed replay feature and can be used to remedy frivolous claims, train new Pilots or for accident review.
  • Special “Channel Navigation Features” using “directENC Charts” allow the Pilot to display meeting point predictions, calculate the ETA to a destination, show the river mile / kilometer marker and go to a river mile / kilometer position.
    Note: these features are only available when using the value added features contained in “directENC Charts.”
CEACT™ comes complete with hardcopy user manual, Media CD and security Dongle.  The user manual and Quick Reference Links training guide are also available as electronic documents which can be accessed in use by the Pilot.

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