Positive predictions for 2016: Efficient information management leads to massive savings in shipping companies

Positive news for shipping companies in 2016: Latest study results from PricewaterhouseCoopers about future market prospects show that about 100 decision makers of German transport and shipping companies take a positive stock of 2015. 55 percent of the questioned people expect growing profit and two thirds are planning on investments – especially in new ships. 9 out of 10 shipping companies said their ships are running to capacity. Compared to 2014 this is clearly a higher result. For keeping up growth 86% expect more foreign investors. But the biggest obstacle for shipping companies is data quality, which frequently leaves international investors unsatisfied.

This is one of the problems the Hamburg based IT company Hanseaticsoft has set out to tackle: Paving the way to better data quality and speed of availability. CEO Alexander Buchmann explains illustrative how big the possibilities are for saving money through efficient information management: “Information management takes about 25 percent of the daily working hours of an employee at a shipping company. A company with 100 employees can calculate about 1,5 million Euros annually which can be saved through better data availability.” The specifically tailored solution Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) is used by 650 users and has more than 20 applications. The accompanying Ship Client (Cloud Ship Manager) is installed on more than 1.200 on-board computers worldwide. One of the 20 applications is the Inspection Report which reduces the time needed for executing ship inspections from one week down to one day. The Cloud Fleet Manager´s included Partner Portal ensures reliable and quick data exchange with external partners like investors. Instead of e-mailing data the exchange takes place in your browser in real time.

Together with Hanseaticsoft’s partners navido and d.velop digital solutions the three of them represent the ideal solutions for more efficient working processes. Information management, digitalization of paperwork and integrated ERP solutions for capital, human and material resources have never been easier and more economic.

Hanseaticsoft was founded in 2009 by Alexander Buchmann who graduated in business informatics. Buchmann and his team gained many years of experience in the software department of a medium-sized shipping company in Hamburg, the second largest container harbor in Europe. With Hanseaticsoft the idea of a new software concept was finally realized: giving enterprises access to new and efficient technologies by means of intuitive software solutions. The Cloud Fleet Manager is the heart of Hanseaticsoft`s product range. Due to its intuitive design and user-friendly interface our software solutions simplify your daily business life and support your shipping operations. Various modules such as Crewing, Inspection Report, Disturbance Report and World Map seamlessly work together to enable a smooth operation at sea and ashore.
Source: Hanseaticsoft

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