TELEMEDICINE _ DigiGone adds two new features to our telemedicine kits, enhancing patient care

DigiGone is pleased to announce two new enhancements to our Five Plus Telemedicine kit.


DigiGone is pleased to announce two new enhancements to our Five Plus Telemedicine kit.
First, the kit can now walk an untrained person step by step  through the use of each diagnostic device.  The new  built in ‘Wizard’ literally guides the patient in real-time, from activating the device through applying it to the patient, capturing and sending a reading.

Second, is the ability for the physician to remotely control the kit from their desktop computer. Accessible features on the kit such as-
· Turning the kit’s camera and microphone on and off
· Adjusting the camera resolution and bandwidth consumption
· Activating the diagnostic dashboard
· Taking a still image from the tablet or peripheral camera
· Initiating the device wizards
All can now be performed remotely by the doctor, allowing the onsite care provider to focus their attention more so on the patient, which is critical during an emergent situation. And in typical DigiGone fashion, all of these are performed at extremely low bandwidth.

“DigiGone produces an outstanding and affordable telemedicine kit.  Their focus has always been simplicity, reliability and affordability.  Remote feature control and device wizard tutorials are demonstrative of DigiGone’s desire to further simplify their products, improve the operator experience and streamline and improve patient care.  The addition of these two features makes the operation of The Five Plus Telemedicine Kit even easier and more efficient than before,” says Dr. Neal Sikka, Chief of Innovative Practice at George Washington University’s Medical Faculty Associates

DigiGone kits travel the globe to very remote locations around the world. They are used on aircraft, pleasure yachts, commercial and military vessels, remote hospitals, in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan.  When our customers want reliability and affordability, they call DigiGone.

For more information, please call us at + 1-727-544-2327
or email us at

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