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No power, no safe shipping

Merchant ships are the lifeblood of
the global economy, transporting
around 90% of international trade
(in terms of volume), as well as
some two billion passengers a year.
Continuous efforts are made to
improve safety, which is dependent
on equipment that relies entirely
or to a great extent on electrical
systems. Standards for electrical
installations in ships and mobile and
fixed offshore units are prepared by
IEC TC (Technical Committee) 18 and
its SC (subcommittee) 18A. Lee el resto de esta entrada

Developing standards for safer navigation

IEC TC supports increased use of electronics for navigation and communication at sea

Safety at sea, always a major concern for seafarers, has made huge advances in the last hundred
years, particularly where navigation and communication systems are
concerned. International Standards for such types of equipment are
prepared by IEC TC (Technical Committee) 80: Maritime navigation
and radiocommunication equipment and systems Lee el resto de esta entrada