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Ship navigation risks highlighted

The risks of ecdis error and shortages in navigation knowledge were highlighted by the UK P&I Club. The marine insurance group said ships could be at risk if officers of the watch were not trained sufficiently in the use of ecdis and what to do if this key navigation aid fails. Lee el resto de esta entrada

ARGENTINA – Risk: Delays on the Parana River Argentina


The Argentine Customs House and the Argentine Coast Guard are preventing vessels from sailing up river if they are not in possession of a valid authorization form. Such an authorization form is not issued unless cargo is already available at loading terminals. This policy has been adopted to improve the navigational safety on the river and limit the potential for vessels grounding.
Heavy seasonal rains and subsequent high levels of humidity over the corn producing areas in Argentina have further delayed harvesting, which in turn has produced a lack of cargo at terminals along the Parana River and is adding to delays. Lee el resto de esta entrada