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TELEMEDICINE _ DigiGone adds two new features to our telemedicine kits, enhancing patient care

DigiGone is pleased to announce two new enhancements to our Five Plus Telemedicine kit.


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Telemedicine: revolutionising healthcare for seafarers

Every year, medical emergencies force one in five ships to divert from their course, at an average cost of $180,000 per diversion. A 2013 study found that at least 20% of the cases aren’t critical and could easily be avoided by using modern on-board telemedical assistance. So what is the current state of telemedical equipment in shipping today, and could an upgrade turn in a healthy profit for the industry? Lee el resto de esta entrada

Telemedicine for Ships: Pros and Cons

Telemedicine is the one of the most important developments in the field of engineering science which integrates technology with medicine. And when it comes to shipping, the incorporation of telemedicine technology is the best thing that could happen to the shipping sector in the recent times. Lee el resto de esta entrada