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RINA: Charting a course to Subchapter M compliance

Some 12 years since the US Congress first recommended that the USA’s domestic towing industry improve safety, the final version of the so-called Subchapter M rule was finally published on 20 June 2016. The rule, which came into legal force a month later on 20 July, imposes new and extensive inspection and safety management requirements on a sector of the towing industry that has been subject to relatively little regulation up to now. Lee el resto de esta entrada

New Tugboat Console Aims to Improve Ergonomics

RC and Alphatron Marine have delivered new tugboat consoles for the new generation of Rotortugs.
Offering full control from a sitting position and all-round visibility through full height windows, the Robert Allan designed ART 80-32 Hybrid tugs RT Evolution and RT Discovery have been fitted with the AlphaBridge tugboat console concept of tomorrow, a design study, performed by JRC/Alphatron Marine, together with tugboat operators from around the world.

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Tug sector insists on more robust navigation systems

While it is one of the market leaders in the big-ship navigation systems sector, Northrop Grummam’s Sperry Marine division has won a number of tug-related projects in recent years and continues to have success in this niche market.

Sperry Marine has, for example, supplied equipment to a series of 14 tugs being built at the Bogazici Shipyard, through its reseller, STT, in Turkey. The latest award within this market is for two radars, a gyrocompass, a Navipilot, a Naviknot – a multisensory speed log that uses satellite-based technology to determine dual-axis speed over ground – and further navigation equipment for tugs for deployment in Europe. Lee el resto de esta entrada

Z-Drive Towboats

ZF Marine penetrates domestic inland waterway markets – enjoying good success
with two U.S. majors. The prospects for an even brighter future hinge on the performance
of its early entries. So far, so good.
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